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To the Secondary Traumatic Stress Consortium

Our Story

The STS Consortium is a group of researchers, trainers, practitioners and advocates with a common goal of advancing the field of secondary traumatic stress towards health. The mission of this group is to promote and support organizational health and individual well-being in trauma-exposed work environments. We aim to transform provider distress into resiliency.    

Our consortium membership is composed of subject matter experts on topics related to trauma, secondary trauma, burnout, resiliency and provider wellness. All current members have been involved in the field of trauma research and/or education for well over 15 years or longer and have, combined, reached hundreds of thousands of service providers through their educational, clinical and consultation activities with agencies in a wide variety of fields.

The STS Consortium formed as a result of a Think Tank on Secondary Trauma which was held in San Diego in 2015. At this meeting it was highlighted that the field of STS has grown, but much of the research and training has been done in silos. The first meeting of the Consortium took place in 2016 and annual meetings have continued. Over the past two years, the focus has been on better defining the goals and purpose of the STS Consortium and developing a plan to address these aims.

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