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Mission Statement

The STS Consortium is a group of researchers, trainers, practitioners and advocates with a common goal to advance the field of secondary traumatic stress towards health. The mission of this group is to promote and support organizational health and individual well-being in trauma-exposed work environments. We aim to transform provider distress into resiliency.


The goals of the STS Consortium include:


  • Create a space for researchers, trainers, practitioners, advocates and policy makers to share innovation, information and resources both within the group and to those working in the field.

  • Increase recognition of the issue of STS in individuals and organizations and advocate for implementation of strategies to address STS at the individual and organizational level.

  • Share data to advance the study of STS.

  • Provide an educational resource platform populated with high quality, evidence-informed educational resources for STS trainers and HR staff and leaders who are seeking to offer educational sessions on STS and the related effects of high stress, trauma-exposed work.

  • Influence policy and practice regarding targets for remediation and best practice solutions to address these conditions.


The work is being organized around 4 domains: Science, Advocacy, Education, and Practice.

Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Use

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The Secondary Traumatic Stress Consortium (herein referred to as STS Consortium) website is intended to provide information about products and services on topics related to secondary traumatic stress, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and related consequences of working in high-stress, trauma-exposed fields.

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