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Online Training and Resources

Free Online Training

For General Audiences:

Staying Inside the Window of Tolerance

An advanced training on Secondary Trauma and Resiliency.

Introductory Presentation on Secondary Traumatic Stress & Related Challenges

Thirty-minute video on Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Trauma.

Excerpted from the San Diego International Conference Keynote on Child and Family Maltreatment, 2015 with Françoise Mathieu.

The Organizational Health Roadmap

TEDTalk: Beyond the Cliff (with Laura van Dernoot Lipsky)

TEDTalk: How to Manage Compassion Fatigue in Caregiving (with Patricia Smith)

TEDTalk: The Edge of Compassion (with Françoise Mathieu)

For Professionals in Child Abuse and Exploitation:

Secondary Traumatic Stress: Understanding the Impact on Professionals in Trauma-Exposed Workplaces

Designed for all child-serving professionals who are exposed to details of traumatic events and/or individuals suffering from post-traumatic distress in the context of their work. Through the content in this course, participants will learn the risks associated with working with individuals suffering with traumatic stress symptoms, strategies to reduce the impact of secondary traumatic stress (STS,) and how to support wellness in staff. Finally, this course addresses how STS is an ethical mandate for organizations and individuals working in trauma-exposed environments.

Supporting Heroes in Mental Health Foundation (SHIFT)

Supporting Heroes in Mental Health Foundation (SHIFT) was developed by the Innocent Justice Foundation. Their website includes are free webinars and other resources for professionals exposed to child sexual exploitation and abuse materials.

For Humanitarian and Emergency Responder Workers:

First Responder Mental Health: Compassion Fatigue Education for Paramedics and Other First Responders

Headington Institute

Free resources for humanitarian and emergency response workers and organizations.

Fee-based Online Training

For Individuals:

Compassion Fatigue 101

Resilience in Trauma-Exposed Work

WTF: Strategies to Keep Helping Professionals Grounded and Centered


For Leadership:


Organizational Health in Trauma-Exposed Environments: Essentials

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