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Best Practices for Addressing Secondary Traumatic Stress: Consensus Guidelines for Professionals and Organizations

Thank you for your interest in the Consensus Guidelines for individuals and Organizations on addressing Secondary Traumatic Stress . Please complete the registration form below to receive a copy of the STS Consensus Guidelines free of charge. The authors grant permission to use it in your project with the proviso that they are acknowledged in any communication, including publication, in which the tool is used.

In accordance with US copyright law, we would be grateful if you would refer anyone else interested in using the STS Consensus Guidelines to us, rather than distribute copies of the guidelines to third parties yourself. This will also help the authors gauge the level of interest in the tool and its application in the clinical/research/educational setting.


Suggested citation: Secondary Traumatic Stress Consortium (2021)

For more information contact Cambria Walsh:

How do you intend to use the STS Consensus guidelines? (check all that apply)
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